Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thoughts on October's Solicitations

Because I'm not in the mood to mock, I'm just going to tell you what I would buy from DC and Marvel in October if money was no object. Now, obviously, if money was no object really, I'd buy it all, because, fuck it, money's no object--so, we're just going to use the phrase "money was no object" to mean I just got paid and have some extra cash to pick up a few of the books I might not get otherwise. I'll put trades in bold, because that means I want them, but who knows when I'll actually buy them.



DEATH OF THE NEW GODS #1-2: Jim Starlin writing and drawing a cosmic tale about the New Gods dying? Worth looking at.

INFINITY INC. #2: Peter Milligan writing means it will at least be interesting.

BATMAN #670: I buy it monthly.

JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #10: Okay, Kingdom Come Superman joining the team is a really cool idea and enough for me to maybe check this issue out. The fact that I've yet to read anything by Johns that's really impressed me is holding me back. We'll see when the time comes.

JLA/HITMAN #2: Never read Hitman before, but, hey, Garth Ennis means I'm in.

52 VOL. 4 TP: I want to get all four 52 volumes. May just wait until they're all out and buy them off Amazon.ca for cheap in one order.

MIDNIGHTER #12: Buy it monthly.

THE PROGRAMME #4: First issue out this week and I plan to buy this series. Probably more interesting than Infinity Inc. because it's not work-for-hire, which tends to drag Milligan down a bit unless it's something like X-Force/X-Statix where it's basically creator-owned except not.

THE VINYL UNDERGROUND #1: Looks interesting. May just wait for the trades as I do without almost everything Vertigo (which is why you don't see any other Vertigo titles listed here).


SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN #41: I'm debating whether to buy this "One More Day" thing or not. Probably won't, ultimately, but who knows what my mood will be like in September when I'm buying comics and the first two parts come out.

CAPTAIN AMERICA #31: Buy it monthly.

IMMORTAL IRON FIST #10: Buy it monthly. (And where's the David Aja cover? Sure, they kept the design, but it still sucks by comparison.)

IRON MAN: ENTER THE MANDARIN #2 (of 6): Will I buy it monthly? Will I wait for the trade? Probably monthly just because I hate buying Marvel stuff in trades because they're price-gouging bastards. This is why I buy way more Marvel monthlies over DC, but then later buy more DC trades than Marvel.

PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL #12: Buy it monthly.

MIGHTY AVENGERS #6: Buy it monthly.

NEW AVENGERS #35: Buy it monthly.

OMEGA: THE UNKNOWN #1 (of 10): Looks interesting. Online reviews from people I tend to agree with/respect may determine this one.

THE ORDER #4: Buy it monthly.

THOR #4: Buy it montly--although after the first issue, that could change.

THUNDERBOLTS #118: Buy it monthly.

CRIMINAL #10: Buy it monthly.

OMEGA THE UNKNOWN TPB: Heard good things about this, so I'll probably get it at some point.

And that's October. The final tally . . .

DC: 10 books, 1 new trade (plus the three that came before it)
Marvel: 12 books, 1 trade