Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blogathon 25: Uncanny X-Men #405

Half-way mark. Whoo. Twelve hours down, twelve more to go.

I think the next music I'll listen to will be the Hives. If that isn't music to get you excited and ready to post some shit, I don't know what is.

In part five of the X-Corps storyline, the X-Trio force Banshee to tell them about Lady Mastermind and get all judgemental about it. Like the X-Men have never kidnapped a telepath, stuck it in a container of liquid and forced it to mind-control people. Oh wait, they haven't! Hey, the X-Trio actually have some moral high ground!

Stacy is using her pheramone powers on Corbo, who has a force field around him, except the bad guys show up, kill him and then the Blob beats on her. Why does the Blob like to beat women? Because it makes him feel like a big man, that's why.

And someone is attacking Paris using X-Corps helicopters that . . . Multiple Man is flying. Everything is falling apart because the bad guys, they're going to kill Paris. The X-Men put aside their objections and join forces with Banshee to get the problem solve.

Nightcrawler finds Chamber unconscious in the Blackbird and then it blows up. Warren is convinced they survived and gets himself a gun so he can kill him some evil mutants. Stacy wakes up and is pissed off. And Multiple Man turns into Mystique, who stabs Banshee in the throat. Apparently Mystique was the evil influence inside the X-Corps.

This issue honestly isn't that bad, because by this point, all of the potential has already been killed and there's nothing left to do except see this shit out.

Although, the plane blowing up while the heroes are inside and Mystique turning out to be the evil influence? Cliches! Recycled ideas! And the Mystique one will never actually make any sense! Because villains don't need motives!

In 30, the end of the X-Corps storyline. Thank god.

And weirdly enough, the second BBC Sessions disc ended just now. See, gotta love Zeppelin. They had excellent timing.