Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm gonna suture up my future

I bought comics today. Wow, two week in a row!

New Avengers #32

Not much action in this issue, but an issue like this had to happen. You can't reveal Elektra as a Skrull and then not have these guys talk it over. Okay, you can, but you shouldn't.

A solid issue that served the needs of the larger story. The ending is interesting as it does have a certain ambiguity. Is Spider-Woman a Skrull? Or is she just doing what she thinks best? This does explain why she isn't on the cover of issue 34, though.

Punisher War Journal #9

More racist stuff. I don't know why it's leaving me so cold. I think part of the problem is that the jumping around isn't working. I got confused about what was going on when a bit in this issue. I think my main problem is that this story doesn't seem like it should be taking so long to tell, it should have been a two- or three-parter, but is stretched out for reasons I can't quite understand yet. Maybe as a whole, it will make more sense.

Captain America #26-27

And somehow the book is just as good, if not better now that Cap is dead. The effect of his death on the trio of supporting characters is interesting as each responds differently and in character. My only problem was the exchange between the Red Skull and Faustus in a little "battle of the egos." It fits their characters, but I wish it didn't. I wish Brubaker could move these guys to the point where, yeah, they're arrogant pricks, but they're working together, so every little thing doesn't become one step away from a pissing contest.

Stephen Colbert's Tek Jensen #1

Honestly, the Tek Jensen stuff on The Colbert Report never wowwed me. When Colbert would talk about his HUGE book, that was funny because we didn't actually get a story, it was more about the various stigmas attached to such a book. The animated shorts never really made me laugh. And neither did this comic. It does its best working with what's there, but . . . that isn't much. Kind of entertaining and not exactly BAD, but mostly just mediocre.