Sunday, July 29, 2007

Blogathon 47: All-Nighters

Ah, the final hour. I've stayed up all night a few times. At least twice because I was writing papers for school.

I remember doing that in second year. I think it was a poli-sci paper (I did a combined honors BA in English and poli-sci--and yeah, I always say the full thing because it's much more impressive that way). I had a 9:00 political theory class and then Canadian literature at 11:00. The poli-sci class was only an hour and I nearly fell asleep in it. The Can lit one was an hour-and-a-half and I nearly fell asleep in it. I've never actually fallen asleep in class.

I came close in first year when I had a bad cold, so I bought some medication and failed to notice the "may cause drowsiness" warning. Sure, it doesn't help my cold symptoms but it nearly knocks me out cold. Typical.

One thing I've found when I stay all night is that at the 36-hour mark, I throw up. Now, I have no intention of staying up that long this time. After that 9 am post, I'm going to bed. I was up at 8:30 yesterday morning, so that's only a bit over 24 hours. Not even close to throw up time.

When I did all-nighters for papers I drank juice boxes a lot. I wish I'd thought to get some for this. Some nice fruit punch could do me nicely right about now.

I find it funny how the tiredness comes in waves. There are half-hours where you could fall down and be unconscious before hitting the floor that are then followed by total and complete alertness.

Last summer, I ended up doing an all-nighter simply because I wouldn't fall asleep. That really sucked. I mean, what the fuck was that all about? It was the summer, I had no worries or anything.

Oh god, I could fall asleep right now. Knowing my luck, when nine hits, I'll be wide awake. My body hates me. It and the magic eight ball. Bastards.