Sunday, July 15, 2007

Q&A Week Part Two

So, Steve asked: Tell me three books recently released in TPB or HC that you WISH you had the money/time to check out but haven't.

1. 100 Bullets: Not necessarily RECENT (although, since it's still ongoing, I'm going to say it counts), but, aside from The Invisibles, this is the Vertigo series I've been meaning to buy for the longest time. I plan to get the entire series in trades, so I haven't been in the biggest hurry. Actually, I've been putting it off partially because I'm afraid that I'll catch up before the series ends and will have to wait around. I'd rather put off the whole thing until I'm sure once I start, I'll be able to own the entire series.

2. 52: I figure I'll get all four trades, so I can read the entire thing. I saw the first trade in the shop the other day and ALMOST bought it. But, because of money concerns, I put it back down.

3. Ultimate Galactus deluxe hardcover: Recently released from Marvel, this collects the three "ultimate" mini-series by Warren Ellis and I've been waiting on this one for a while. I'll probably get it in the next few months, but it's on the backburner because of the same money concerns that prevented me from getting the 52 trade.

Now, Steve: You said that Eightball #22 and/or Jimmy Corrigan is/are the most important comic(s) in the (sort of) past five years. Why this/these book(s)? (You don't have to do both if you don't want to.)