Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blogathon 22: Uncanny X-Men #402

Banshee has set up his X-Corps in France as a way to police mutant-related activities in Europe. Our X-Men are there so Archangel can speak to the G8 and to demand some goddamn answers! Who does Banshee think he is just forming a group and acting like vigilantes? Charles Xavier? That fucking lunatic? Is Banshee out of his mind?

Not only has he started the X-Corps, he's got . . . *gasp!* former villains on the team! The X-Men cannot stand for former villains being affiliated with anything that has an X in the name! Oh wait, didn't Magneto use to teach at the school?

Of course, Banshee doesn't actually make any logical arguments like that. He just keeps going "Ach, ye jess wait'n see wha' we're doin' heer an' ye'll ahproov nah doot!"

This story had so much potential and it's all wasted. No intelligent discussions, immediately jump to something is rotten in the state of Denmark bullshit. Why, oh why, does Banshee have to use Lady Mastermind to control the villains? Why couldn't his group actually work out? Why must the goddamn X-Men be the only benevolent mutant organisation?

When this story first came out, I didn't blame Casey for the problems. I assumed Casey wanted to tell the cooler, more original story and editorial held him back. It was the X-office, most famous for being the shittiest, dumbest editors working in comics. But, now, I am convinced this is the story Casey wanted to tell, because it's so riddled with cliches and unoriginal bullshit that it fits the pattern of his run. Of course there's something wrong with the X-Corps! Just like there's always something wrong with groups that aren't directly affiliated with the X-Men!

Oh, and more strange moralising by the X-Trio. I still don't see what the problem they have is besides the fact that Banshee runs his group with a professional attitude and military precision. Are they jealous? Is that it? Are the X-Trio jealous because Banshee is obviously better at this than every other mutant?

Two parts down, four to go. And things don't get better.