Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fuck Green Lantern

I've been thinking a lot about Kyle Rayner. Ever since I learned of what happens to him in the Sinestro Corps one-shot, I can't seem to get that guy out of my head. I think, in my life, I've boughten three issues of Green Lantern, all the recent Geoff Johns series starring Hal. My only experience with Kyle is basically Grant Morrison's JLA, but somehow, he always felt like MY Green Lantern.

I was ten when Hal went all crazy and Kyle took over, so it's not like I didn't know who Hal was, I just didn't care. I also didn't care when Kyle appeared, because fuck Green Lantern. I always thought Green Lantern was a shitty superhero. One, he wore green, which is a dumb colour. Two, he wore a ring, which is very girly. And, three, I don't know why, but fuck Green Lantern. I just hated the guy, based on pure instinct. I still kind of do. I mean, come on, most powerful weapon in the universe and I should feel worried for the guy? (I've also had some BIG problems with the whole "space cop" angle of the character, mostly because if he is a member of some intergalactic police force, shouldn't the types of enemies differ GREATLY from his fellow superheroes? Just saying.)

But, nonetheless, I grew to actually like Kyle during Morrison's JLA run, because Morrison made the character seem cool and showed why he worked well as a superhero. A young, energetic guy playing well above his head in the shadow of another guy everyone liked a whole lot better. That's some good shit.

And then Hal came back and Kyle became Ion.

And now, in the ultimate Hal-fan irony, Kyle is Parallax, the villain Hal originally became--although now it's not an identity, it's a space parasite or something, because Hal couldn't have REALLY gone crazy, oh no.

For some reason, it bothers me. I don't know why, but it does.