Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blogathon 08: And now for a word from our sponsors

Well, let's take a little break from Mr. Majestic, shall we?

Remember, you can sponsor me by clicking on the sheep on the right. All money will go to the Alzheimer's Society of Canada, but for now, all you need to do is give your name and e-mail address, plus whatever pledge you want to make. After this is all over, you'll get an e-mail telling you how to fulfill it. Pledges will be accepted until 11:59 pm EST Tuesday night (well, really 12:00 am Wednesday, but saying is always confusing), so there's plenty of time.

I chose the Alzheimer's Society of Canada not because of any family member afflicted with the disease, but because it scares the fuck out of me. Alzheimer's is the only disease that just outright terrifies me. I think it's because so much of my identity is tied up in being the smart guy. Ever since grade three or four, I've been the smart guy and the idea of a disease that takes away your brain in the most horrible way scares me like nothing else. Kind of a selfish way to look at it probably, but that's why I picked that charity.

I'm currently listening to Led Zeppelin III, which is a highly underrated Zeppelin album. Of the first four, it's probably the one that gets the least notice, but it's got a great blend of electric and acoustic stuff. Although, I would say Led Zeppelin II is my favourite. I mean, come on, we're talking about an album with "Whole Lotta Love," "The Lemon Song," "Thank You," "Heartbreaker," "Ramble On" and "Moby Dick." "Moby Dick," people! A motherfucking drum solo song that is amazing to listen to!

But, Led Zeppelin III needs more respect. It's a bit softer at times, but it's got some kickass songs. "Gallow's Pole" just came on and, shit, how can you not love this song? Later, there's "Tangerine," which, along with "Thank You," is probably the sweetest Zeppelin song.

My sub was good. Last week, I got honey mustard instead of regular mustard and I can't decide which I prefer more on a roast beef sub. Both are quite good. I guess it depends on if I'm in the mood for something sweet or not.

And we'll return to the last three issues of Mr. Majestic in 30 with cosmic fun coming atcha!