Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blogathon 07: Mr. Majestic #6

Mr. Majestic can be divided into two parts: the first six issues and the final three. The first six are all self-contained stories with art by Ed McGuinness. The final three issues is one story with art by Eric Cante (with help from Toby Cypress in the final issue). Now, I don't know when they knew the book would be cancelled, but I'm pretty sure the final three issue are a result of that.

This issue is another light, done-in-one fun story. Two stories: Desmond is loaded up with all sorts of information for Y2K and Mr. Majestic is put under the spell of the Ultravixens, cosmic sirens.

The Majestic story is the funner of the two as they play up the comedy of a group of six women capturing him and then fighting over who gets to have fun with him first. Not exactly masterpiece theatre or anything, but fun. If only for how it begins with narration about the vastness and greatness of space, how it's impossible to truly describe, but the poet inside attempts to nonetheless, learning right into Majestic's first line: "OOKBLAH."

He eventually escapes when their hold on him weakens and he uses his powers to get them to turn on one another.

Meanwhile, Desmond is put under house arrest since his cyborg brain has all of the necessary info for society to continue after Y2K. But, one of the agents guarding him is an anti-technolgy whackjob and tries to kill him. Majestic saves him, prevents anything too bad from happening when all of our technology fails at midnight and then they reboot everything. Day saved. Everyone happy.

I haven't discussed art much, but Ed McGuinness' work on these six issues is nothing short of amazing. These issues is what landed him the gig on Superman (same with Casey, basically) and it's well deserved. He does big action and the small character pieces with equal skill. Casey and Holguin throw a lot at him and he never fails to pull it off.

While I didn't have a lot to say about the past two issues, they are both great reads. It's a shame these sort of stories only lasted six issues.


Wrote the above before I left to go to the store. The Mac's near me also has a Subway in it, so I got a roast beef sub (footlong--half now, half later--on white with mustard), a coke slushy, two bags of Lays chips for five bucks and today's Globe & Mail. Gotta love Saturdays.

The Mr. Majestic trade also includes an Alan Moore-penned story about the character at the end of the universe from the first issue of Wildstorm Spotlight (or something like that). I didn't reread it like I did the other issues, but I remember it as a decent story. Am a little put off by the fact that it's included in the trade, while the final three issues of the series aren't. Kind of stupid if you ask me.

Well, off to eat half of the sub now. See you in 30.