Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blogathon 15: Uncanny X-Men #396

Another crap issue, but look at this cover:

That's a sweet looking cover.

As for the actual story: Chamber hooking up with Sugar Kane is all the tabloid rage. The X-Men discover the mutant tunnel dwellers are dead. Then they lecture Chamber on how he's being an idiot and any mutant not working Xavier is a fucking idiot (an idea that will come up again). Chamber tells them to fuck off. Mr. Clean beats up the X-Men and Wolverine arrives, ready to do some ass kicking.

Still nothing new. Although, Casey is amping up the idea that Sugar Kane is with Chamber for media attention. The lamest part of the issue is Nightcrawler lecturing Chamber. The best part has to be Chamber going "Bobby Drake?" at Iceman, reminding us that these people don't really know each other, which makes the lecture come off even lamer. That whole "You're a mutant, we're mutants, hang with us" thing seems kind of dumb, you know? That could be the point.

This is the last isse Churchill does art for and thank god for that. The problem is that the art doesn't get much better and the title never settles on a permanent artist.