Sunday, July 29, 2007

Blogathon 42: Adventures of Superman #621

Some dude beats the shit out of Copperhead.

Jimmy Olsen trashes President Luthor.

Every child under five in Metropolis turns into a bug.

Superman meets Minuteman.

Superman realises Minuteman is the new mail guy at the Daily Planet.

Beings from another dimension are responsible for turning the kids into bugs because they need them to be like that so they can have their honeymoon in this reality.

That's this issue. Minuteman is the typical "lone hero trained for some crisis that will happen." Superman is out of his element. The Jimmy scene just seems like veiled criticism of the Bush government.

Superman here is the guardian. He guards the children, he guards the idea of being a superhero, he guards the superhero. He watches over everyone.

Cool scene where the kid-bugs crawl all over Superman. These are bugs the size of kids. Giant slug-like ones.

Nice moment when Superman confronts Minuteman in his secret identity and comments about how Minuteman has the personality schism down. No one would ever suspect mild-mannered what's his name is Minuteman. Although, his secret identity is basically Clark Kent, just he works in the mailroom. Same deal, though.