Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blogathon 16: Uncanny X-Men #397

"Poptopia" part three keeps on walking the same road as the previous two parts. The relationship between Chamber and Sugar Kane becomes more involved, but OH NOES(!) her road crew and manager hate him because he's a mutant. Wolverine shows up and talks to him, basically does a low key version of Nightcrawler's lecture and then kicks the crap out of a roadie who calls him "boy." We also discover that some of the tunnel dwellers survived and that Mr. Clean is apparently working for a church. The X-Trio (I'm going to call them that now) fight some neo-Nazi youth at a subway stop. The issue ends with a tabloid saying Sugar Kane is pregnant with a mutant baby and Nightcrawler BAMFing in front of the tunnel dwellers and is all "We're the X-Men, we're here to help."

If you know how next issue goes, you realise just how much of a bitch Sugar Kane is here. She's using Chamber, but at the same time doing everything she can to convince him that she cares about him.

The art is lacklustre. Apparently Sean Phillips provided layouts or thumbnails or something, but the person who finished it is horrid.

There's an inane scene where Sugar Kane and Chamber go to some freak party where this fat dude is all "you're disgusting to look at, which is just the coolest thing ever." Ugly is the new black, apparently.

This is probably the weakest issue yet as it doesn't even contribute reused ideas. It's completely and utterly without merit. (I use the word "utterly" a lot.)