Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blogathon 06: Mr. Majestic #5

This issue is pretty light. A prison ship is trapped in a comet, brought close to earth, and the inmates escape, causing Majestic to fight and capture them. Pretty simple.

The more interesting plot is of one of the inmates, Di'kked, a short orange alien in a robe that was once a tyrant who ruled a hundred star systems. He escapes earlier than the others and goes about learning the nuances of human culture as he knows the key to domination is language and the ability to use it.

Except, he's confused by Western culture and winds up going on TV and delivering the most cliched speech full of stupid modern idioms like "homies," and "Can't we please think about the children?" Not to mention the fact that "Di'kked" is pronounced "Dickhead."

The issue ends with him slinking away, prepared to bide his time and come up with a better plan. The issue ends with him narrating this and his final words: "YOU GO, GIRL. PEACE OUT."

A fun issue that works after issue four's tragic story. Not a lot of depth here, but a solid comic.