Sunday, July 29, 2007

Blogathon 43: Adventures of Superman #622

Superman and Minuteman fight against the Anti-Angelica, the weird things from another dimension who have turned all of the kids under five into bugs so they can mate or something.

The origin of Minuteman: New Age bullshit!

I'm pretty sure Superman attempts violence, but is prevented when the Anti-Angelica trap him in a bubble.

That is until one of the children turns six and returns to normal, fucking everything up for the Anti-Angelica. Which gets Casey rolling with Minuteman singing "Birthday" by the Beatles and Superman breaking free to say, "There. We now return to our regularly scheduled adventure, already in progress..."

Then Minuteman fucks up by lifting up his shirt, which opens a gateway to sent the Anti-Angelica back to their dimension, except he doesn't actually look first and zaps Superman, too.

The other dimension is in cool negative and the Anti-Angelica tell us that they can't breed in their dimension, so they go to Superman's and now that they're home, they're so going to beat on Supes. Except Superman can open their transdimensional gateway because he's married. On his way back, he crosses paths with Minute man who is going to stand guard and protect the DCU from the Anti-Angelica.

At the end of the issue, Clark tells Lois that they need to talk. That's never good.

Because Superman is protector, you would assume he would stand guard at the dimensional gateway, but Superman guards humanity on a larger level. Minuteman, being a minor superhero, is "given" the task. He aspires to be Superman, in a way, so he performs a similar function as Superman, but on a smaller scale. Because Superman guards also through inspiration, not just action.

In 30 minutes, we conclude our look at Adventures of Superman.