Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blogathon 27: Uncanny X-Men #407

While at the store, I picked up a little container of Dibs, these little bite-sized candies. They're vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate. Very tasty. They please me.

We continue on to an issue that doesn't actually make sense, but looks damn good because of Sean Phillips' art. The issue begins with a gorgeous art crawl. If you lined the first four pages up, they'd form one big picture. The first three side-by-side, the fourth undernearth the third. Nightcrawler has a mix of memories and hallucinations.

When last we saw Nightcrawler and Chamber, they were apparently blown up inside the plane. Well, apparently Nightcrawler did a blind teleport and they landed atop a mountain where an old friend from Nightcrawler's circus days lives. And apparently Nightcrawler didn't know that. And apparently we're all dumb readers.

Anyway . . .

Nightcrawler is all broody and Chamber wants to go home, but Nightcrawler won't call for help. So, Chamber uses his telepathy to contact Stacy who gets all freaked out that someone was inside her head and no one believes her because she's a hooker. Crazy hookers making up stories all the time! But then Jean contacts Warren and says where they are and Stacy is all "Told you so!" and Warren is "Shut up, I hate you."

So, they go get Nightcrawler and Chamber. Lots of character stuff that isn't actually as deep as you'd like.

This is another reused idea. How many times has an X-Man had their mind messed with and then wanted to spend some time in the middle of nowhere? Wolverine does it every nine months. And like all of those other times, nothing meaningful happens, no lessons learned, no personal growth. Except this time, Casey uses some German. And I did some google translations and none of it is that important, so don't feel like you're missing out.

But, this all gears up for the final three issues, which aren't that shitty. In fact, they are prologue to Wildcats Version 3.0, beginning with the 2001 annual (which wasn't released between #407 and 408, but I stick there for story reasons and the fact that sticking it when it DID come out would make little sense).

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