Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blogathon 24: Uncanny X-Men #404

Thinking after the second disc of BBC Sessions ends, I'll stop with the Zeppelin. Although, everyone saw the news of the new two-disc "best of" set plus rereleases of The Song Remains the Same (film and soundtrack), right? The "best of" seems unnecessary in the sense that they already released a two-disc "best of" a few years back. Only they released it one disc at a time and then offered them together. And, strangely enough, the track listing isn't THAT different. But I'll buy it anyway, because I'm a sucker. Same with The Song Remains the Same (film and soundtrack), mostly because my CD copy is old and the sound isn't good, plus BONUS songs! I love me the bonus songs.

On with the comic: part four of the X-Corp storyline and we've got Sean Phillips on art and this issue reads better than any other issue of the run. Gee, wonder why. I remember Casey saying post-Uncanny X-Men how he kept fighting to get Phillips on as permanent artist because they'd developed a good relationship over on Wildcats. Remember what I said about the X-editors before?

Chamber goes around in Lady Mastermind's mind and she rambles on in weird ways, which makes sense because it is inside her head. She does tell Chamber to develop his telepathic skills more, which makes sense as he does communicate via telepathy. He probably never thought about that.

Archangel questions Sunpyre, a mutant scientist working for the X-Corps, about Abyss, a mutant currently being contained. He's all "Are you holding him against his will?" as if the X-Men never do that to mutants who may be uable to control their powers. Seriously, these guys are just assholes the entire story.

The leader of those bigots claims he killed Surge on TV, which doesn't jive with Surge killing the whole lot of them last issue. What's going on?

Banshee sends the girls to take the bigots down and it turns into an all-out brawl with the girls and Multiple Man (all however many dozen of him) on one side and the bigots on the other. Not a tough fight. But, the X-Men freak out when Banshee is a little rough on one of the bigots and screams at him in his Banshee voice. I mean, the X-Men never get too rough with people do they? It's not like they let Wolverine just take one of those priests from the Church of Humanity out to his cabin with the excuse "Best not to think about it," right?

I think what frustrates me the most about this story is that the X-Trio act like total hypocrites the entire story and then they get to be right. That's just shitty storytelling.

Anyway, Sunpyre is killed, Chamber overhears Lady Mastermind talking to some woman and, at the end, the mind-controlled bad guys are free and ready to kill people. Oh, and Surge is alive.

Me, I wonder why they'd want to be evil. I mean, Banshee is supposedly paying them some good money (unless that was a lie). Why not do good and earn some cash instead of being a dick and going to jail? Criminals are stupid, I guess.