Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blogathon 10: Mr. Majestic #8

Mr. Majestic has finally been called to join a group of insanely powerful cosmic guardians. His father previousy held the post and now it is time for Majestic to step up. Desmond freaks out after Majestic leaves and various "after images" of him remain, all running around, doing crazy shit.

Te first member of this cosmic group we meet is αΩ Major, a bluish-black looking guy whose head has weird lines coming out of it. Then there's Canis, the trickster. Polymorpha is an Amazon-esque woman who looks different in every panel. Xonstructacles is a robot, a builder and he is pissed off at Majestic. Remember back in issue one when Majestic rearranged the solar system so it wouldn't get eaten? Well, Xonstructacles sees that as Majestic interferring with the cosmic order and, therefore, he shouldn't be allowed into the special group. Everyone else disagrees.

The final member of the group arrives, Gabereality, the archangel. He also sides with Majestic, praising him for championing life and tells Xonstructacles to get back to work on the device that will raise Majestic to their level. It's revealed that Xonstructacles has some sort of cancer and he's pretty much just pissed off at everyone because it.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Desmond deals with the various Majestics, all of which are crazy and different colours and try to save a plane from crashing until a green one turns evil and absorbs the others.

Back in cosmic land, Xonstructacles reveals that he's not going to help Majestic attain that special cosmic level of power, but, instead, he's going to unmake all creation because he views the actions of his fellow cosmic group members as corrupted for supporting Majestic. The universe is about to end and Majestic can't do anything to stop it.

This issue has some interesting bits, but is mostly talking and set-up for next issue. The idea of this cosmic group of guardians is fun. Not totally original, but still interesting as Casey and Holguin put their own spin on it. Especially the idea of a diseased robot builder guy deciding to unmake everything while our hero can't do shit.

"How will it end?" you ask. Come back in 30 and see!