Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blogathon 29: Uncanny X-Men #408

I just flipped through the annual and noticed that Nick Fury is smoking. Ashley Wood is subtle about it, but Nick Fury is totally smoking. After Marvel said no more smoking. Ashley Wood and Nick Fury don't care, though. Ashley Wood and Nick Fury say kiss their asses, no smoking, fuck you, they'll do what they want, when they want, they don't need no damn Marvel telling them shit.

(Seriously, should I be swearing this much when I'm blogging for charity? I've been thinking about that all day. Society is weird.)

More mutant drug stuff. Nightcrawler acts for the press and then tells Warren that he should run for president. Warren thinks he's crazy. Stacy tells Warren that she's going out to see a "client" and Warren is all "You whore!" and she gets pissed off until Wolverine tells her that if she doesn't want people thinking she's a whore, she should probably stop acting like one.

It turns out that Stacy's client is actually a mutant who ages fast and is immune to medicine. He's dying and wants her to take the pain away, so she puts him in a bliss coma, the X-Men show up, say that because the guy is a mutant, it's their business and tell her that she did good work.

Nightcrawler discovers mutant drug use near a church. And they get ready to take the Vanisher down.

See, this is the Joe Casey that should have wrote the rest of the run. Screw that "pop eats itself" theory of mine, this is some good reading. The plot is new and interesting, characters actually grow a little and do interesting things. Basically, the opposite of the rest of the run. I wonder if it's a case of editorial not caring or Casey not caring. You hit the end of the run, people are just waiting out the clock, maybe he was able to actually write the comics the way he wanted all along. Casey has talked only briefly about his run on this book and I would love to know the full story.

In 30 minutes, we conclude Joe Casey's Uncanny X-Men run with the coolest titled comic book ever.

And don't forget, in an hour's time, I'm going to do Magic Eight Ball Midnight. At the 12:00 am and 12:30 am posts, I'm going mano-a-ballo and asking the tough questions. If you have any questions for that smug bastard, just tell me and I'll make sure they get asked.