Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blogathon 21: Uncanny X-Men #401

I've said the whole "'Nuff Said" gimmick by Marvel in early 2002 was really fucking dumb a few times before, but I'll say it again here as we get the first part of the X-Corps storyline, but without any words. Basically, Banshee does some stuff, Lady Mastermind does some stuff before being kidnapped by Multiple Man, Stacy has sex with Bill Clinton (although, if I remember from the full script when it was online, Casey wanted Rudy Giuliani, but post-9/11 can't mess with "America's mayor") until Wolverine breaks into the house and fights her and then Banshee screams at the Blob. Who fucking cares. The art by Ron Garney is passable.

In other news, the new Amazing Spider-Man creators have been announced and I'm left feeling underwhelmed. The artists are all big names, but the writers leave me cold. But, I was one of the people holding out hope Matt Fraction would be among the creators. My own fault there.

Finished the studio albums by Zeppelin (skipped Coda, though). Now on the first disc of BBC Sessions, which includes three version of "Communication Breakdown," all different and all great. Is that what Casey was going for in his run? Doing cover versions of old stories? Being a musician, it's not outside the realm of possibility, I guess. Warren Ellis talked about the Ultimate line in terms of covers and remixes, so it would make sense. But, is the problem that narrative forms of art don't work that way? Is that why the books failed? Or should Casey have done more pure covers, doing stories exactly as done before? Food for thought.