Monday, July 23, 2007

Q&A Part Fourteen

Steve asks: So: we both I think tend to follow writers more than artists, but what would you say it takes for an artist to catch your eye? what qualities do you look for in the artwork of those creators you follow?

I think storytelling tends to be what attracts me most to an artist. How well does the artist tell the story.

Honestly, I know this shouldn't influence what artists and I like and dislike, but their ability to produce steady work tends to make me like an artist more. The fact that guys like Steve Dillon and Sean Phillips always meet the deadline makes me respect them more.

But, then again, I like Ashley Wood's art and that goes against those two points a lot of the time.

I'm actually pretty forgiving of art because I do read comics for the writing primarily. And I can't say I've got a comic primarily for the art in the past five years, probably longer than that. A good artist always strikes me more as a bonus than anything else.

Steve: what is your preferred format to buy comics in? (singles, trades, hardcovers--then what type of hardcover, I guess)