Sunday, July 29, 2007

Blogathon 40: Adventures of Superman #619

And so we begin the final ten posts of Blogathon. Five issues left of Adventures of Superman to discuss and then I don't know. We'll see what happens, I guess.

There's a new guy running for president and he's simply called "The Candidate." He doesn't do press and his rallies are more like rock concerts, but his popularity growing. So, Lois and Clark are in a good ol' fashioned race to the story.

Except Lois does have the advantage in that all she has to do is her job, while Clark has to fly to Egypt and defeat the Hand of Osiris through sheer force of will. In this issue, Superman is the personification of life (which makes pacifism fit more).

Best line of the issue said by a drunk journalist to Lois and Clark: "Married journalists on the campaign trail, competing for a story... We're betting which'll come first... the election or the divorce."

Lois later sneaks in to the Candidate's HQ, steals his campaign manager's blackberry and has a hacker hack into it where they discover that someone has put a contract out on the Candidate.

Which brings us to the greatest character ever: Assassin Lad. He shows up with the Bad News Bible in some spacebar and he has landed on earth. Rock and roll. Seriously, Assassin Lad. I love it.