Thursday, July 05, 2007

Countdown to DCU PMS Crisis!

Continuing my mockery of the latest Countdown teaser from DC . . .

The sky is red and it swirls in the middle, just like every other crisis the DCU has. The swirl is obviously a vagina and the red obviously means menstruation. If the DCU is alive as Grant Morrison has argued it is, I'm thinking the DCU is a woman and that she's on the rag and she is pissed off because her boyfriend (the Marvel universe, I'm guessing) did something stupid like, I dunno, forgot to ask her if she wanted the last slice of pizza three weeks ago on movie night. Now, everyone in the DCU suffers, because the bitch is back hence evil inheriting the earth and the blood on Luthor's hands. It's from the DCU's vagina as he's realised the truth of the entire universe. Note also how Darkseid, with his phallic-shaped head has been destroyed, while the three women in the bottom left are all excited. Soon, the Marvel universe is going to pay and so will every man on earth in Countdown to DCU PMS Crisis!

(And why, yes, I am single. How did you guess? It was the "on the rag" line, wasn't it? Fuck.)