Friday, July 25, 2008

The Splash Page 24: The Ambitious Failure

In this week's Splash Page, Tim Callahan and I discuss the ambitious failure. Tim likes to think this is because of a post he did on Richard Kelly's Southland Tales, but I was already writing that Deathblow post by that point. It's just that I was very, very slow with that post, so it got posted nearly a week later. How much does that suck? Actually, not that much, since what does it matter? But, then again, I felt the need to bring it up, so it must matter some... gee, I dunno.

Basically, this week, we talk about Deathblow, Southland Tales, Charlatan Ball, Countdown, Raymond Carver versus Philip K. Dick, and how it's all really bullshit. That's right, we get to the end and realise that we're just talking bullshit. Maybe I should give Tim more credit for this one actually...