Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quickie Reviews: January 27, 2010

Four non-CBR-review books this week...

Batman and Robin #7: A quick-paced enjoyable issue. Cameron Stewart does some very impressive work, handling the action stuff with a lot of energy and fluidity. Those opening pages really flow nicely. His shadow work on Pearly is also very good. Some great Morrison lines in there and the plot is interesting. I'm not so sure about Dick's ease with using the Lazurus Pit to bring back Bruce -- it's a little certain, but, fuck me if those teasers at the end of the issue don't give excite me a bit. [****]

Captain America: Reborn #6: A lot of fun, exciting action. The good guys get a big win for once that doesn't feel like a tie or a loss. The flash-forward stuff at the end that Steve experienced is interesting and will have people speculating no doubt. I don't recognise those aliens (or whatever they are) and is that someone using Thor's hammer? (And why is James back in his Winter Soldier gear?) The injury to Sin is also a nice touch. The art is a little rough in places and I think there was just too much expected of this story... it didn't fully deliver that... I don't know... big moment. Good, not great. [***1/2]

Detective Comics #861: I never noticed before how much Jock's work reminds me of an early Sean Phillips... a pretty standard issue with a boring criminal and the standard 'look away and the guy you just beat up somehow escapes without making a sound' scene. I think I was buying this book mostly for JH Williams III's art without realising that was my primary motivation. The back-up feature was good for the end where Renee and Helena do what's necessary to do their job and Tot looks... unrealistic and antiquated somehow. I may come back to that at some point to examine it in more depth. [***]

Spider-Man: The Clone Saga #5: I actually liked this issue despite it being so horribly predictable. Unlike other issues, the quick pacing didn't feel out of place. Peter and MJ's baby being taken by the woman doctor was obvious, but that end with the Green Goblin was surprising. From what I've read, this isn't actually the true plan for the Clone Saga, but this was an enjoyable issue. Todd Nauck's art still does little for me, but he handled the fight between Kaine and the Spider-Men better than previous issues. I'm curious to see how this ends. [**1/2]

Also, I dropped The Authority: The Lost Year today. My retailer was not surprised. I believe Tim's exact words when I said I was dropping it were, "Yeah, you and everyone else..."