Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Best of 2009: The Meta-List

Sandy over at I Love Rob Liefeld has taken up the best comics of the year meta-list from the absent Dick Hyacinth and posted this year's list today. He takes 130 'best of' lists and assigns a set number of points distributed to selections via a mathematical formula that I came up with one boring afternoon a couple of years back. It's an interesting way to see what books rise to the top. A few notes:

* Is anyone surprised that Asterios Polyp took the top spot?

* Do I count as being completely out of touch with my fellow critics when my number one book doesn't even make the top 100? According to Sandy, I was the only person to rank Young Liars at all. Wow.

* Six of my books did make the top 100. The four that didn't: The Boys, Dark Reign: Zodiac, No Hero, and Young Liars. Only Young Liars is a surprise.

* I only had two books from my list make the top ten, while only an additional one made the top twenty. A few more books that I buy/enjoy were listed.

* I'm a little surprised that Irredeemable did make the list. I kind of expected to go six for ten with Irredeemable not making the list and Young Liars making it. But, Irredeemable not only made the list, it made the top fifty. Good for it, glad to see I'm not the only one digging that one.

* Am oddly amused that Criminal ranked ahead of Incognito since one told a complete story, while the other only shipped three issues. Then again, that Criminal omnibus came out and probably got some votes. This changed when Sandy missed part of one list and edited the meta-list to reflect that.

* Blackest Night is in the top fifty? Really?

* For all of the underwhelmed talk when it came out, Planetary #27 did pretty well for itself.

* I guess Captain Britain and MI:13 did pretty good and wasn't as forgotten as I thought it was by others.

* I need to begin using these lists as shopping lists. I really do.

It's good stuff. Go check it out.