Saturday, January 09, 2010

Best of 2009: My Favourite Comic Critic

I'll keep this as brief as I can. I wanted to mention my favourite comic critic of 2009 because, well, I spend a lot of time reading about comics, usually in the form of reviews, essays, and other forms of criticism. People talk a lot about how some critics are good, some are bad, but not many are ever recognised as such. Do they deserve it? Maybe. Maybe I'm doing this as a way to validate what I do and, really, compliment myself. That's certainly possible, but let's pretend it's actually because I read a lot of critics and simply want to point out which one I liked the best this year. Okay?

My favourite comic critic of 2009 was Tucker Stone. Stone, more than any other critic, continually wrote things that I wish I had written. I didn't always agree with his opinions (actually, I probably only agree with Tucker 50-60% of the time -- which is still pretty high), but can't think of many things he wrote that I thought were poorly written. He's the critic I usually have to try not to emulate because it would be easy to do a bad impression of him and his biting, harsh, sometimes mean criticism. (If you look at my writing here prior to finding out Tucker existed... which was probably one of the interviews he did toward the end of 2008... jesus, I've only been reading him for 2009 basically?... you'll see that I've always leaned toward that mocking style that Tucker does, well, better.) He's very good at making fun of the stupid and awful in comics, a sentiment I often share. And... I think that says enough so things aren't completely awkward online or in any future interactions with him... though probably not...

Tucker Stone's work can be found at his site the Factual Opinion, the Savage Critics, his column This Ship is Totally Sinking at Comixology, and his series of web episodes of criticism, Advanced Common Sense.

Tomorrow: the top ten comics of 2009.