Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One Week Late Quickies

Very quick thoughts on books from last Wednesday. Need to get back into the habit of this, yes? To make it easier, I'll add star ratings as well.

Daytripper #2: I like it, but don't love it. The first issue was a little better, but who can argue with the gorgeous Fabio Moon art? Not I, good sir, not I. [***1/2]

The Marvels Project #5: I honestly wonder why I'm buying this. It's a technically solid comic, but the story leaves me cold. I hope Brubaker pulls it together, because, right now, it feels like everything is going through the motions. But, Steve Epting is doing great work as always. [**1/2]

Mystic Comics 70th Anniversary Special #1: The shop has a box full of recent releases that they ordered too many of that they're selling off at a dollar each. Looking through it, a lot of these Marvel 70th anniversary books were in there and I remembered that David Lapham had written and drawn this one (I'd debated buying it a few times in the weeks after its release). It's a fun little story, nothing too special, just solid entertainment. Lapham's style suits the oddness of the Golden Age Vision property. The reprint stories were rather... bad. Are any of the other 70th anniversary specials worth picking up? [***]

Punishermax #3: Not sure about the introduction of the Mennonite, but the rest of the issue is very good. The first confrontation of Fisk and Castle works well. Maybe it's Steve Dillon's art, but I can't shake the shadow of Ennis. Maybe the Mennonite seems like a very Ennis concept, but, yeah, reads like Aaron doing a really good Ennis impression partly. Still, I'm digging this. [***1/2]

The Unwritten #9: I haven't really enjoyed this storyarc as much as the first one. I don't know why, but I've found it tedious and not all that engaging. The death of the kids was surprising, but their dad turning into the villain was... lame. Very lame. This book began very strongly and has been somewhat of a disappointment lately. It's on the bubble of being dropped. [**1/2]

More timely quickies for today's books I promise.