Monday, August 13, 2007

Summer Vacation '07

Okay, I'm going to take a little break from GraphiContent for a week or so. Partly not in the mood to discuss comics (gee, was last week a hint at that or what?) and partly because I'm currently working on the prospectus for my creative writing thesis and, goddammit, if I have to deal with anything else in a "critical" way, I may just begin killing random neighbourhood children. Also, I'm heading back to London later this week and posting there is rarely fun. I'll probably put up some reviews on Friday or Saturday since visiting home means buying comics.

Also, while I'm gone, I will work long and hard to finish my Automatic Kafka post. It will be a different sort of essay, because I plan to actually use scans from the comic to go along with it and help facilitate my analysis. That choice is basically because of this post over at Blog@Newsarama. I don't think scans are always necessary, but if I'm going to be doing a long look at the entire series, one that is just as much Ashley Wood's creation as Joe Casey's, then not including art is just stupid. I'm this close to going back and doing revisions of my Marvel Boy and Codeflesh essays to add art (and make them better). If only I wasn't so lazy.

So, to the three of you reading this, later.