Friday, August 10, 2007

Lou Reed is cooler than you and your precious comics

Nothing seems really important/pressing right now, eh? Ever since San Diego, there has been no comic news or anything interesting. Hell, San Diego itself didn't really provide much interesting news--was that what killed comics? San Diego is just so big, so important, so built-up and then . . . well, if you weren't there, there really wasn't anything for you, was there?

So, here's random thoughts about stuff as they occur to me:

* I really hate those periodic interviews on Newsarama for Countdown and World War Hulk (previously for 52 and even Tom Brevoort answering questions on Civil War many times). What function do they serve? As far as I can tell, they either tell you things the comics don't (which means the comics are shitty) or they tease you about stuff only people who are reading the comics care about (which means they're marketing tools aimed at people already buying the product). I just can't figure them out.

* Seriously, doesn't Brad Meltzer's Justice League line-up seem all kinds of sucky? I mean, sure, every League line-up has the shitty member of two, even Morrison's--but at least he had a core group of god-like heroes. Meltzer's got Geo-Force, Vixen and Red Arrow. What is this strange obsession with men who use a fucking bow? After Morrison had alternature future Green Arrow help kill Darkseid, every guy with a bow should have been retired because it is never going to get better than that for them. Bendis had the right idea in killing off Hawkeye.

* Ever notice how Grant Morrison fans lament the fact that the cool characters he creates for company-owned books are never used after he departs the book, but when they are used, they complain about how lame it is? (And I say that knowing full well that I'm one of those people. Maybe if the people using the characters actually tried to use them in a cool way that's somewhat faithful to Morrison's take . . .)

* Is the fact that Alex Ross will draw Geo-Force proof that he's crazy enough to like Geo-Force more than Kyle Rayner?

* Apparently, DC will be doing a multiverse version of Marvel's Contest of Champions. Personally, I would love to see a monthly book that is nothing but multiverse versions of characters fighting and talking. I have a weakness for alternatire universe books. The fact that I don't buy Exiles is proof that Marvel doesn't know shit sometimes. How can you fuck up a book like that? It should be a book where they have guys like Warren Ellis and Garth Ennis and anyone else they can get come on, do an arc and just have fun doing crazy shit that doesn't actually matter at all. You can do anything with that book--it should be the one book everyone buys because it's the one book where the only limit is creativity. Having a set cast and larger storylines is just stupid and counter-intuitive for that sort of book.

* Maybe comics will get interesting next week.