Sunday, August 26, 2007

Spambots rule the world

Goddamn fucking spambots.

All day, I have been receiving messages from google groups about possibly spam messages sent to the GraphiContent group. This group was set up as a way for both Steve and I to receive notices of comments, because blogger is set up in a way where only one e-mail address can be listed for that notification. I also set it up so whenever we post, it is also sent out. Just a way for the two of us to know what's going on. In my infinite wisdom, I stuck the e-mail address for that group over in the right-hand column a month or so back. Since then, I've received a few pieces of spam, but not too many. Today, over a dozen. Every time I check my e-mail, notifications of messages that need my approval to either be approved or deleted.

What the fuck is with these spambots? Does this shit actually work? It must, because assholes keep doing it, but, my god, who does it work on? I don't get people.

So, the e-mail address is longer listed. Probably no one cares, but figured I'd mention it and rant a little. If you need to reach us, comment.

Oh, but so you know, comments are only allowed from people with blogger (or google or whatever) accounts, because of . . . SPAMBOTS!

Goddamn fucking spambots.