Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I hate comics

Well, the problem of the pull list was solved easily by a shitty selection and this week's comics not being available. I did buy a few things, though:

Mighty Avengers #4

Wow, did those thought balloons get annoying as hell in this issue. Maybe if every single one of them wasn't some snide remark . . .

But, some fun action, the Ultron story keeps on going and everyone is still pissed off at Henry Pym for building Ultron back in the 1960s. It's been over forty years, you'd think they'd let that shit go eventually.

Starlord #1

My dad bought the first "Annihilation" crossover and I enjoyed a couple of the books, Silver Surfer and Nova. In this round, the only book that looks interesting is Starlord and this issue is all set-up. Starlord is put in charge of a group of criminals that are meant to do some gorilla fighting against the Phalanx. Some cute moments, but I'm hoping future issues are better.

The Immortal Iron Fist #7

Meh. A little breather between arcs, but this issue did little for me. The art is mediocre, the story isn't much better and the only thing that had me interested was the preview of #8's cover.

The Programme #1

Uh . . . I bet this will make more sense in the larger picture.

Super-Villain Team-Up/Modok's 11 #1

So, this was supposed to be funny, right? Can someone point me to the funny? I didn't see the funny, but people seem to think it's there, so would someone POINT ME TO GODDAMN FUNNY IN THIS, YET ANOTHER LACKLUSTRE, MEDIOCRE PIECE OF SHIT BOOK THAT PASSES FOR COMEDY GOLD IN THE MARVEL UNIVERSE? Seriously, all I ask is that when a book is put out by Marvel that's meant to be a comedy, that it actually make me laugh. Just once. Yeah, you get the occasional funny moment in the regular books, but never in the books that are SUPPOSED to be funny. What's up with that?

So, the haul today wasn't fantastic. Mostly blah, mediocre and shit with the hopes some will get better with future issues. Fucking comics.

I also bought the first X-Statix trade for ten bucks, but I'll discuss it tomorrow, because I actually enjoyed it and don't want to fuck up the theme.