Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Problem with Comics: Pull Lists in Other Cities

The problem: I currently reside in Windsor, but maintain a pull list at my shop in London, because I'm just in Windsor for grad school. However, that means I have to wait until I visit home to pick up certain titles. Now, my pull list in London isn't that big, but it has some of the books I REALLY enjoy including Casanova, which has an issue come out tomorrow! I'm planning to hit a Windsor shop this week (maybe tomorrow) just because I feel the urge to get some comics and I'll pick up various books I don't have on the pull list in London, but what about Casanova? Issue eight comes out this week and it's been months since I've had my fix. What am I to do? Why, oh, why did I have to remain loyal to my shop in London? Fucking loyalty.