Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Quickie Reviews (June 9 2010)

I've got things to do before heading out tonight with Michelle, so we'll keep this brief... as always.

Daytripper #7: "Haunting." I don't know what else to say. [****1/2]

Gravel #19: Always glad for another issue of this series. Not sure why Gravel just let the Scottish fuck who confesses to the sort of horrible misuse of magic that Gravel hates go -- other than it suits the plot. But, the service it does to the plot is pretty good by the end there. Gravel has made some enemies... and it looks like his allies are pretty shit. There's, what, two issues left in this arc? Looking forward to that. Don't know if the series continues after since Ellis only mentioned three seven-issue arcs... [***1/2]

Punishermax #8: A masterpiece of an issue. It serves the larger story, while functioning as its own piece with a complete beginning, middle, and end, tying together three narrative threads. The second page where Bullseye says "Who's up for a day at the park?" made me go "oh no..." And that ending was amazing. The Kingpin left alone with his 'power,' Bullseye learning that some experiences can't be replicated, and Frank crossing a line... fuck me, Jason Aaron writes a good comic and Steve Dillon drawing it is gravy. [****1/2]

S.H.I.E.L.D. #2: The first issue didn't wow me as much as everyone else, but this one knocked me on my ass. Dustin Waver somehow upped his game since the first issue, while Hickman is just charging ahead, hoping we'll all catch up in due time... the most confident storytelling from a Marvel book in god knows how long... Another great book in a very strong week for comics. [****1/2]

That's all. Later.