Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Quickie Reviews (June 30 2010)

Another small week leading up to next week where Marvel unleashes every new project/mini they've got onto the unspecting masses. The books I've gotten that I'm not reviewing for CBR both showcase the writing of Ed Brubaker. Who doesn't like Ed Brubaker? (People with bad taste, that's who.)

Captain America #607: One issue into Butch Guice as the book's regular artist and he's already not drawing it, just doing the inks with the penciller, Mitch Breitweiser. Thankfully, Breitweiser is a pretty great artist and I don't mind Guice not being around. The art styles are definitely different with Breitweiser sketchier and more evocative in his line work. But it fits into the Captain America style. I'm digging Baron Zemo's slow breakdown of Captain America, while Brubaker makes good use of Cap's supporting cast. This is shaping up to be a good arc that actually puts James as Captain America at the centre a bit more. Previous stories didn't seem specific to him being Captain America, but this one does. Zemo wants to make sure his death occurs like it was originally thought to. I like it. Didn't read the back-up. [****]

Secret Avengers #2: A solid issue. Good chemistry between team members, some decent action, the slow reveal of what's going on works... but there also isn't anything great about the issue. Nothing that makes me stand up and take notice. It's all good/very good, but nothing that goes above and beyond. A slight step down from the first issue. I did like the various suits worn by team members on Mars, especially Moon Knight's. A solid issue. [***1/2]

That's it for this week.