Tuesday, June 29, 2010

CBR Review: Joe the Barbarian #6

I recently reviewed Joe the Barbarian #6 for CBR and, in the process, wrote the following sentences: "In all honesty, Grant Morrison’s writing on Joe the Barbarian hasn’t entirely won me over yet. I like the interplay between the ‘real’ and ‘fake’ worlds that Joe inhabits as a result of complications with his diabetes, and that Morrison is letting his imagination run wild with the fantasy world, playing with conventions on the heroic quest story. However, something is lacking, something essential that captures me on an emotional level. Intellectually, I think the writing is very good, but emotionally, it doesn’t hit me on that gut level. Thankfully, intellectual appreciation for craft and Sean Murphy’s absolutely stunning art is more than enough for Joe the Barbarian #6 to be a strong comic."

You can read the rest HERE!