Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Quickie Reviews (June 2 2010)

Yes, yes, comics a day early for me, but not so much for you. So, I'll probably spoil things here... I'll try not to. But, if you want to take a chance at being spoiled, I'm once again doing my Guess the Real Spoiler! game at Comics Should be Good.

Demo vol. 2 #5: Another great issue. More writing-focused than previous issues with a lot more narrative captions. Not sure it works completely, but that's only because it needs more than one reading. Wood mentions that he changed the ending slightly and it works a lot better because of it. When the issue began, I was expecting something else, but this was better. Becky Cloonan is amazing as always. [****1/2]

The Great Ten #8: The origin of the Shaolin Robot is pretty cool. I don't know if that's Tony Bedard or Grant Morrison -- either way, it may be my favourite origin of a team member. The revelation of the traitor isn't surprising, but there's a very interesting moment near the end. With a lot of fighting, Scott McDaniel is at home. A shame this book is ending an issue early, because it's been rather solid, especially in the second half of its run. [***1/2]

Nemesis: The Imposters #4: Okay, what? Not exactly conclusive, but that points to the idea that maybe we'll get more of Ivan Brandon writing the character, which I'm up for, of course. I'm interested to see how this will read as a whole, especially with Escape. Not a fan of Cliff Richards's work here as much. Too soft and relies on the colouring a bit too much. Maybe doing the pencils and inks for the series took its toll. I did like the final page quite a bit. [***1/2]

Sparta, U.S.A. #4: Just when you thought shit couldn't get crazier... Lapham is just balls out insane on this book. The perfect follow-up to Young Liars. Johnny Timmons is still inconsistent, but I dig his art. The final page of this book, too, is absolutely brilliant. [****]

There, kept things pretty general, didn't I?