Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quickie Reviews (June 16/23 2010)

Since I only got one book last week that I wasn't reviewing for CBR, I carried it over to this week where I've again only got one non-CBR review book. It should have been two, but there were no rack copies of Thunderbolts at my shop.

DV8: Gods and Monsters #3: I discussed this a little on the podcast. It's a fine issue and I like what Wood does with Powerhaus here, but the lack of plot development is a little worrying. I am really beginning to dig on Rebekah Isaacs's art. I liked it at first, but it's really growing on me. [***1/2]

Avengers #2: Shit, Bendis has gone crazy. In a good way. This issue is just cool ideas and unexpected shit popping up to take the story in a new direction. Plus, John Romita, Jr. draws the hell out of this issue. He even makes that Protector costume bearable. The two-page spread of possible futures is fantastic. I could look at it for hours. Really, really enjoyable issue. Nice to see that the quality hasn't dropped off from the first issue. The back-up "Oral History of the Avengers" was all kinds of meh, including the drawing Art Adams provided where the middle shot of Captain America has him looking like a fat guy. But, damn, Bendis is writing some good superhero comics right now. [****]

That's it for this week... and last week.