Thursday, June 10, 2010

CBR Review: Batman #700

I recently reviewed Batman #700 for CBR and, in the process, wrote the following sentences: "The first of three $4.99 DC anniversary issues for the month of June, Batman #700 does not get the celebration going as much as you’d like. The quality of the actual comic presented here is higher than two-and-half stars, but the overall package of Batman #700 is sorely lacking. For your five dollars, you get 31 pages of story, seven pin-ups, and four pages of 'Secrets of the Batcave.' You barely cross the halfway mark as noted by the staples before the actual comic ends and you’re left with the ‘bonus’ material. ‘Bonus,’ of course, is a highly malleable and subject term. The packaging of this book left a poor taste in my mouth, as it will for many others."

You can read the rest HERE!