Friday, August 07, 2009

I Bought Comics: August 5, 2009

[Who knows what I'll say here? I sure don't! I never plan these things out. It probably shows. Oh well. Remember, as always, these aren't reviews, these are just whatever thoughts I happen to have on these books right now...]

The Boys #33

Great, John McCrea is in the actual title, too. You know why The Boys will never be as great as Preacher? The art. Every issue of Preacher was done by Steve Dillon, only specials and one-shots done by others. Not so here. And, I know, Robertson had a snake bite thing and contractual obligations at DC, but his absence really kills this book, because a guy like McCrea can't measure up to his standard. Otherwise, decent issue.

Captain America: Reborn #2

I'm liking this.

Dark Reign: Zodiac #2

Now this is the motherfucking Joe Casey that I know and love. Partner him with a energetic, fantastic artist and let him go hog wild, and see what you get... a fantastic comic book. Pitch fucking perfect.

Ghost Riders: Heaven's on Fire #1

This was alright. I love that Roland Boschi is back, but the story itself doesn't grab me. I still want to know how an angel could overthrow Heaven and God if God is supposedly omnipotent and omniscient... unless God is just fucking with everyone because it's part of His plan. If so, I might enjoy this more.

Strange Adventures #6

Jim Starlin's art never looks better than when Al Milgrom inks it. It's a fact. Gorgeous pages. The story continues to intrigue me, especially Synnar's involvement as he goes from the Bad Guy of the previous story to Good Guy of this one. Also, Starlin doing a nice little romp through someone's psyche? Always good.