Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blogathon 33: Secret Invasion (Part 2)

[Discussed in this post: Secret Invasion #2, Mighty Avengers #14, New Avengers #41, #43, Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust?, and Secret Invasion #3.]

I'm using the reading order for Secret Invasion that I came up with earlier this year in these posts.

Secret Invasion #2 follows up on one of the first issue's teasers: the '70s heroes in the crashed spaceship. They totally throw down with the New and Mighty Avengers and you're damn right it's awesome. Luke 'Sweet Christmas!' Cage versus Luke 'Responsible Father!' Cage! Spider-Man versus Spider-Man! Ms. Marvel versus Ms. Marvel! It is everything you could hope for and more. Except, seriously, the '70s heroes couldn't be the real ones? That would have been sweet. Or, I don't know, a mixture of the two? Some Skrulls, some humans? The issue ends with the Skrulls invading Times Square. And they are some awesome-looking Skrulls. The Young Avengers are totally impressed.

Mighty Avengers #14 is a fairly solid Sentry story. It earns marks as a Secret Invasion tie-in that doesn't explain how someone became a Skrull. Really, it explains that the Skrulls don't see the Sentry as a threat because he's crazy -- if he hasn't already killed himself (or everyone) by the time the invasion happens, just shapeshift into the Void and he'll freak out. Easy as pie. And it works. Wow! But, then, a Skrull tries to kill Lindy, the Sentry's wife, so the Void gets involved and saves her. She's a little freaked out as a result. An issue that advances a totally different Bendis subplot but it works.

New Avengers #41 is a Savage Land issue where Ka-Zar and his wife (Shanna? Sheena?) explain how they came across Skrulls before with those rogue SHIELD agents in the Savage Land. Borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring!

New Avengers #43 is more Savage Land goodness as we learn that '70s Captain America is a Skrull after he's killed by Mutates or something. Even more borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring!

Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust? is a one-shot with five stories. They're all pretty bad. The Captain Marvel one is melodramatic and painful to read. The Agent Brand one has a moment or two -- and some interesting art, but whatever. The Wonder Man & Beast team-up is decent, but definitely geared at people who remember those two doing things together. Meaning not me. Because I don't. The Marvel Boy NOH-VARR! story shows that ripping off Grant Morrison's writing isn't the same as writing a faithful version of his character. The Agents of Atlas one made me not want to read Agents of Atlas.

In Secret Invasion #3, the SHIELD Helicarrier magically appears in the Bermuda Triangle after losing power over Manhattan. Wicked mean gliding skills that Helicarrier. In New York, the Skrulls kick some fucking ass and destroy lots of property and not even the Avengers Initiative kids can save the day. Meanwhile, in the Savage Land, the Skrull Queen/Spider-Woman tries to convince Tony Stark that he's a Skrull as a mean tease to all of us who kind of wish he were a Skrull, because that would mean that he's not a horrible bastard. (Spoiler: he's not a Skrull. He is a horrible bastard.) Back in New York, the Skrulls take Times Square and celebrate by killing young superheroes until one of them is blown up by...


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