Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blogathon 49: Goodnight Goodnight Goodnight

First off, here's a quick way to read the entire blogathon. I'll do a proper archive post later today after I get up:

Promo stuff and posts 01-17
Posts 18-37
Posts 38-49

Now, this has been great. As of the end of the posting part of the blogathon, $160 has been raised for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Hopefully now that I'm done, people will see that, yeah, I did it, and maybe some more donations will happen. If you want to donate, just go to the CBLDF's website and don't forget to tell me that you did it so I can do a final post on the matter in a few days and provide a final tally. I can be reached via comment or e-mail.

Now, I want to thank the sponsors of this blogathon: Tim Callahan, Joshua Schroeder, Michelle Farwell, Eric Rupe, and Eric Owens. These are the people responsible for the $160 and I cannot thank them enough for their willingness to give. It means a lot to me.

This was my second blogathon and I honestly can't say if it was easier or more difficult. There were a lot more comments this time and that was fun. Thanks to everyone who commented or directed people this way on Twitter. It all gave this a real event feeling, which is what I needed.

I'm not sure what else I should say exactly. I think I've said a lot already. I'm somewhat surprised I made it through this -- not just the posting, but the reading of all of these comics this past week. It was fun. Stupid, but fun. Doing it issue-by-issue like I did with the Joe Casey stuff... that was smart. You can focus, read less comics, and be a bit more relaxed. Ah well. On the plus side, I don't harbour some deep hatred for comic books right now. Not even Brian Michael Bendis comics -- which is good, because a new issue of New Avengers comes out Wednesday.

Oh yes, one final thank you... thanks, Brian Michael Bendis. I enjoyed the comics, sir.

(Because I'm awesome like that, as the clock counts down to 9:00 am, you know what's playing? "Thanks That Was Fun" by the Barenaked Ladies.)

With that, I say goodnight even though it is morning.