Saturday, August 22, 2009

Blogathon 09: The Sentry: Reborn: #1-8

[Discussed in this post: The Sentry: Reborn #1-8.]

This series is an absolute trainwreck failure on every level except for the art, which is done by John Romita, Jr. -- and his talents are put to waste.

The entire series leads up to a revelation about the true nature of the Sentry and here it is: the formula that Bob Reynolds took trying to get high would have worked on anyone. It wasn't a unique, one-in-six-billion accident where it somehow combined with his cellular structure to produce the Sentry. Wow. Big frickin' deal.

Beyond that, the General is made to look a joke and quickly killed, eliminating the one good thing about Bendis's story reintroducing the Sentry. Nice job there, Jenkins.

Um... the Sentry and the Void are possibly separated, but not really, and the Sentry throws the Void into the sun, but that doesn't last since we've seen the Void at least three times since.

This series has no purpose. It really doesn't. Sorry for the short blog post, but I can't muster up anything else to say.

In 30 minutes: New Avengers: Secrets & Lies.

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