Saturday, August 22, 2009

Blogathon 30: New Avengers: The Infiltration

[Discussed in this post: New Avengers #38-39.]

These are two wildly different issues. One is very good, the other not so much.

Issue 38, "The Breakup," has the fallout from Jessica's decision at the end of Revolution to go to Avengers Tower for the sake of her baby. Luke is not pleased. Understandably so. Now, this is one of those issues where you shouldn't take sides, because both characters have strong point of views and neither is right or wrong. But, I side with one of the characters. I'm not going to say which, though, because that doesn't matter.

What matters is that Bendis continues to write Luke and Jessica so damn well. Their argument is Bendis demonstrating why so many people love his work. The back-and-forth, the irrational stubbornness, the sheer frustration that the person you love won't agree with you... it comes through incredibly well. Luke sees this is a betrayal of their morals; Jessica sees this is a necessary step for the safety of their child. Since the first issue of The Pulse, Jessica's priority has been her baby and it continues to be, and I really like how Bendis doesn't waver from that. It's interesting that that isn't Luke's first priority -- though he seems more considered with what sort of kid little Danielle (forgot to mention that that's the baby's name -- the best name Bendis could have chosen, by the way) grows up to be, based on what kind of people her parents are. Jessica values the safety, Luke values the image and substance... it's weird how different they see the world.

The real shame is that, as Secret Invasion will show, Jessica makes the wrong decision here.

The involvement of the Mighty Avengers at the end is a little frustrating, because I hate it when people get involved with a dispute between two adults -- it's not like Jessica needs their help and it's not like Luke is doing anything wrong.

Michael Gaydos did this issue and, again, his art makes Bendis's writing read better.

"Echo," issue 39, is not as good. The art is top notch from David Mack, but the story is mostly some Skrulls trying to replace Echo, so there's a lot of fighting. There's something appropriate about an issue devoted to a deaf character not being dialogue-based, but the fight here can't live up to the fight in the previous issue. It's not bad, it's just a 3-star book following a 4.5-star book. It only looks worse by comparison.

It ends with Maya sleeping with Clint. That hasn't really been reference since... I assume it will be in the future.

In 30 minutes, New Avengers: Illuminati, the mini-series I called the worst comic book of 2007. My opinion has not changed. Fun!

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