Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blogathon 32: Secret Invasion (Part 1)

[Discussed in this post: Secret Invasion #1, New Avengers #44, #40, #42, #45, Mighty Avengers #16, #15, #17, New Avengers #46.]

I will be discussing Secret Invasion with the New Avengers and Mighty Avengers tie-in issue put in with the mini-series proper according to the reading order I came up with earlier this year.

So, it all begins. The Marvel Mega-Event of 2008 has arrived! Yay! Are we having fun yet?

The first issue of Secret Invasion is its best, because it does what Bendis does very well: set things up. Everything falls apart and various things are set up the series to tackle: '70s Marvel heroes in a spaceship in the Savage Land? SHIELD down? Hank Pym a Skrull? Jarvis a Skrull? The Baxter Building imploded? Captain Marvel attacking the Thunderbolts? Reed Richards splattered on the walls of a lab? More, please! My mind has been blown and I loved it.

Actually, that's all I have to say about that first issue. That paragraph sums it up. So, moving on...

The numerous tie-in issues here range from the best, which I'll rank as INFORMATIVE to the worst, which I'll rank as GODAWFUL. Speed round time!

New Avengers #44 -- Skrulls use Reed Richards clone to figure out way to go undetected. Rank: DIDN'T HATE

New Avengers #40 -- They get an exiled Skrull princess and inform her of their plans to infiltrate Earth by replacing people. She insists on being one of them, Spider-Woman. Rank: TEDIOUS

New Avengers #42 -- Skrull Queen replaces Spider-Woman and does stuff. Rank: TRYING MY PATIENCE

New Avengers #45 -- Skrull Queen suffers through House of M and doesn't like it. Rank: NOW YOU KNOW HOW WE FELT

Mighty Avengers #16 -- Elektra is attacked by Skrulls, is eventually killed and replaced. Rank: I ASSUMED THIS HAPPENED AND YOU PROVED MY ASSUMPTION RIGHT

Mighty Avengers #15 -- Hank Pym has sex with college student in London who is a Skrull. She replaces him. Rank: JOHN ROMITA JR SHOULD CONSIDER HIMSELF BETTER THAN THIS

Mighty Avengers #17 -- Skrull Pym tries to warn the other Skrulls that the invasion will fail. They kill him and replace him. Rank: TOLDJA SO TOLDJA SO

New Avengers #46 -- The Hood and his gang discover Skrulls at SHIELD. Turns out the Slug is a Skrull, too. Rank: I PITY SLUG-SKRULL

In 30 minutes, part 2 of my Secret Invasion posts.

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