Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blogathon 36: Secret Invasion: Thor

[Discussed in this post: Secret Invasion: Thor #1-3.]

Agardians versus Skrulls. Fraction gives the people want they want -- never say he doesn't. The story here is a clever little one. While Donald Blake helps deliver a baby, Beta Ray Bill uses Thor's hammer after Skrulls beat him up and stole his. Because he is wise, before giving his hammer up, Thor created a storm so the people of nearby Paxton get underground and not be endangered by the Skrull/Asgardian fight. And what a fight it is!

If you want a well-executed extended fight, this series does it. Doug Braithwaite's art is colours-on-pencils and that style of pencil shading works with the Asgardians of the story. He's a dynamic artist and draws the fights amazingly well.

There really isn't much to this series beyond baby and Skrulls, but that's all that's needed. Fraction throws in some nice moments like the people in town seeing that Asgard is on fire and wanting to help put it out.

The Skrull that leads the charge is a weird combination of various big, strong superwomen and is just insane to see. She has Stormbringer, Bill's hammer, in two halves and knows how to use them. It takes dropping Asgard on her to kill her. That's fucked up.

I don't really have a whole lot to say about this book. Fraction and Braithwaite do good work. Put them on Thor and I'll be happy.

In 30 minutes: Secret Invasion: Captain Britain and MI:13.

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