Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Splash Page Podcast Episode 40

Welcome to another episode of the Splash Page Podcast. In this week's episode, Tim and I discuss: death at Marvel, most consistently good and bad Marvel titles, Wolverine 5.1, Marvel crossovers, some Thor talk, back to Wolverine 5.1, teenagers and the Ultimate books, $2.99 vs. $3.99, who dominated 2010's sales charts, the business side of things, positive/negative criticisms, best of whatever lists, Garth Ennis's writing, and SpongeBob Comics #1. There's also lots of looking things up online and a couple of swear words that get bleeped out. And it all starts with "We're Hardcore" by Gord Downie.

You can download and listen to the Splash Page Podcast episode 40 HERE!