Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Splash Page Podcast Episode 39

After an extended absence, Tim and I have finally returned. We took some time away because of various reasons including illness, no time, little desire... basically, we wanted to come back when we both really wanted to do some podcasting. That means giving it 100% and that's what you get with this episode. In this episode, we discuss: our discussions about comics with other people, definitive runs, Invincible Iron Man #500.1 & 500, the X-franchise, Abhay's Superman story, Heroes for Hire, getting to the stuff that matters in stories, Ultimate Comics Avengers, artists Tim hates more than Larroca and Bagley, Moby-Dick, Noh-Varr, and Garth Ennis's Punisher. And it all begins with "We're Hardcore" by Gord Downie.

You can download and listen to the Splash Page Podcast episode 39 HERE!