Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sketch Reviews (February 23 2011)

A big week for me with a lot of new comics, so let's get to it.

Avengers #10: Some rougher art for a lot of this issue. Much thicker lines. Deadlines are a bitch, I imagine. I'm enjoying this arc and liked Stark's little speech to Steve Rogers. But, this isn't clicking the way I'd like yet. It feels too all over the place, too slowly paced. After the balls out craziness of the first arc, this one isn't as exciting. As well, the Spider-Man/Protector scene seemed so forced. Just stunk of effort. [**1/2] (Also, this issue contained Heroes for Hire #1 and I couldn't make my way through it. I just don't care.)

Detective Comics #874: Isn't it nice when half of a new comic is really the back-up strip you should have got last month? (Last time I harp on that, I swear...) The James Jr. stuff was the most intriguing part of the first issue of Scott Snyder's run for me and I'm glad to get some about it. The dialogue between the father and son was great -- and we've got Francesco Francavilla on art! It was a nice surprise to see him also getting the chance to draw Batman and Red Robin in action. That second story felt a little tacked on (maybe it was planned as the back-up for the next regular issue, though...), but was pleasant enough. A solid issue that has me intrigued about the future of the book. [***1/2]

Gødland #34: Only three more issues left... I loved Nickelhead's scene with the Tormentor. Scioli seemed to be working the pages more than usual, too. Trying different things. A really strong issue. [****]

Loki #3: I'm surprised at how much I'm digging on this series. I expected to get the first issue to review and then not care about what happened next. Aguirre-Sacasa's writing is a little overwrought at times, but the art of Fiumara, Lacombe, and Villarrubia is superb. Absolutely gorgeous. It was cool to see such a large amount of time devoted to the reaction to the death of Balder. For all of the times that guy dies, I'm not sure he's gotten as good a send-off as he receives here. Really looking forward to the final issue. [***3/4]

New Mutants #22: I'll be discussing this and X-Men Legacy #245 with Kelly in the second Age of X Dialogues. I enjoyed the two issues, the first one more. This one seemed a little more mechanical... though it did hint at some things that are intriguing about the larger Age of X world. These two issues have convinced me that starting with Age of X Alpha #1 like they did was definitely the wrong way to go. [***1/4]

Scalped #46: More than any other issue, RM Guéra just knocked me on my ass. His best work yet. And Jason was good, too. [****1/4]

Secret Avengers #10: A decent issue. You could see Will Conrad in the art more than ever, especially in some of the faces. I want to like this comic more than I do. It's a fine action superhero book... just not a lot there. [**3/4]

Thor #620: This comic reminded me of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask with the giants. They look the same. I like the idea and can see why Fraction would go there, but those designs just kill it. Who wants to see those generic creatures fighting when it could be Thor and the rest of the Aesir? Baffling choice. [***]

Who is Jake Ellis? #2: A good issue. Still intriguing with really cool art. I get the feeling, though, that this is one of those comics that I'll like, read once as a whole, and never look at again. Just a feeling. Why must my mind go to the negative like that? I enjoyed this issue! Lots of intrigue! I'm intrigued! [***1/2]