Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Sketch Reviews (February 9 2011)

Read my comics later than usual this week, because I was at work today. This week, I became a full-time employee at the company I was a temp worker at through a job agency. It was meant to be a temporary part-time sick leave fill-in gig and, now, I'll be working two more days a week in addition to my marathon weekend shift. This was the only week that I'm working Wednesday, though, my regular days being Tuesday and Thursday going forward (which means that I'll be moving Random Thoughts! to either Monday or Friday most likely...). So, things are extra brief as I try to get as much done before going to sleep tonight...

Casanova: Gula #2: I haven't (re)read this. But I do love the use of yellow on the first page. [N/A]

Doc Savage #11: I read this comic and get the feeling that I'm not catching everything. But, HOLY FUCK did Nic Klein bring it for the two pages of fight at the end of the book. Spectacular art. The best art I saw this week period. Those two pages are MOTHERFUCKING COMICS. [****]

Incognito: Bad Influences #3: It casts about, hoping to find some meaning, hoping to find something... though, wait, is Steve Ditko a pulp hero now? [***1/4]

Secret Warriors #24: Who cares, they're all dead now anyway. [***1/4]

The Unwritten #22: My eyes glazed over at some point and I pushed on to the end. Art was nice. The possible future scene was amusing. The rest was eye-glazing. [**1/2]

Wolverine #5.1: Tim and I will discuss this on the podcast this week. But, I enjoyed this comic. For a comic where the artist was 'TBD' originally, they sure got someone all kinds of awesome. [***3/4]