Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sketch Reviews (February 16 2011)

Three comics I was going to get today weren't available. Two were pushed back and the other my shop got shorted on. Yay Team Comics. Let's do this...

Deadpool MAX #5: The remixed Marvel Universe continues as we get the Taskmaster. I'm surprised they didn't change the name to the Taskmistress... but I'm glad they didn't. Too easy, son. Instead, she has the best boy scouts troop ever with some of the biggest laughs coming at those poor, doomed kids' expenses. "MEDICINE TASTES YUCKY." The best badge, of course, is the one showing a foot kicking someone in the groin. Baker's art is at its busiest and most melodramatic here and it's just lovely. I do love this comic. [****1/4]

Jennifer Blood #1: I get what Ennis is going for, but it's not landing too well yet. It's amusing but not funny. The art actively works against things by looking like it wasn't printed properly with fuzzy lines and garrish colours. Go from Tim Bradstreet's badass cover to the amateurish-looking art on the inside and die a little inside. [**1/4]

SHIELD #6: I need to reread these six issues to see how well they hold together, because, right now, it just feels like a lot of throwing shit out and hoping that historical names impress me. They don't. The last page reveal? Whatever, man. Actually do something with all of this and we'll see what I think. Maybe it seems better as a whole. We'll see. [**1/2]